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Killzone: Shadow Fall

As Killzone 2 was developed with several ideas in mind in the previous generation, one of them was to showcase the processing capabilities of the PlayStation 3. Killzone: Shadow Fall follows that same idea while it tries to deliver a glimpse into the future of the PS4. Shadow Fall can be considered both a technical achievement and a new direction for the series, which is evident from the start, when you boot up the game and you get to the main menu in just a few seconds.

11 Janeiro 2014 | Raiden | Comments (0)
Battlefield 4

At the start of a new generation EA brings out their big guns with Battlefield 4. Following the success of the series, this new iteration opens up the game in key areas, previously only available to high end pc’s, and deliver a next-gen experience to console gamers.

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Knack is a platform action adventure game developed by SCE Japan Studio in cooperation with none other than Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 4 lead architect, that took the role of Director for the game, so we might feel that something big is to be expected from this project. But does the game really fulfil those expectations or is it a missed opportunity to build a solid new IP?

19 Dezembro 2013 | Raiden | Comments (0)
Need for Speed: Rivals

Following the steps of the 2010 hit Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit, Rivals drop the player in another fictional county called RedView. While not being produced by the same team as Hot Pursuit, Rivals gets together a team of talents that includes former Criterion staff that makes up the newly formed Ghost Games, an EA studio. With DriveClub out of the Picture, Rivals gets the spotlight, but can it lead the genre on its own on PlayStation 4?

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego popularity in video games is growing every year as new games are released in a wide variety of platforms. Making use of renowned movie franchises like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego games keep adding new themes and universes to one of the more versatile franchises in video games. 


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