Chillsters Studio is Giving Away a PS3 with Several High Profile Games

Indie developer Chillsters Studio is giving away a PlayStation 3 with Beyond: Two Souls, Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, The Last of Us. Chillsters Studios is a small studio formed last year that developed 2 titles, Paddlin' Out and Robot Blitz, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Let's show our support to them at their official Facebook page.

About Chillsters:

"Chillsters began in August, and started with 3 Programmers, CJ, Zee and Bash. In September Renn joined us as a 3D artist. The original aims for the studio were to focus on the gameplay theory of flow, as highlighted by Jenova Chen (Journey, Flow We started with the plan to deliver regular, high quality products to the market, that had an "easy to play, hard to master" theme.

In the first 3 months we developed two games, Paddlin' Out and Robot Blitz. Paddlin Out was well recieved with Microsoft where we were featured worldwide. Each game was released on Windows 8, Android and iOS to improve our reach and customer support.

The most unique part of Chillsters Studio, is our openness to consumers. We want to make chilled games for you, and we want to chill with you while we produce them. We dont hold any secrets and we want to share our studio experiences with both developers and consumers, in the hope to provide a learning experience and to build a better connection with our audience."

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