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Launch Date: 16 Janeiro 2015
Developer: 2SD
Publisher: Kiss Ltd.
Genre: Puzzle

Available for:

PC Windows

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Bloop, developed by 2SD, is a casual puzzle game that aimed to fuse real time effect drawing and a simple “where’s my water” experience. Built on a two dimensional plain, with only the mechanics of line drawing and magnetizing your curser, Bloop challenges your organizing strategy; requiring you to bring the correct color gel to its vial. 

The level designs are very simple in concept, but a masterful challenge to complete. Each level is divided into two sections, your build phase as it were, and your live phase. In your build phase, you can draw platforms and strategize over the path of the gel. You then pass into the live phase where you can still draw, but you also are able to magnetize your curser for a short time, and draw all gel towards it within a given range.

Again, the design is very simple, and even the graphics follow suite; very stylized and simplistic. With cloudy colored backgrounds and single colored objects, the textures feel like a hand drawn art board. Even having the gel move is a very simple right click mechanic, giving a very relaxed appearance to the game itself.

The game, however, is incredibly challenging pushing your strategizing into high gear after the third level! This by itself isn’t bad, but due to the simplistic nature of the game,  the levels become repetitive and almost frustrating. Having spent some time and effort beating one level, just to be sent to the next level with the same level mechanics and hurdles makes the game more frustrating on a pc than a time to relax and unwind.

Your ability is also somewhat frustrating, as you can’t really tell what your range of effect is, and how the quantity of gel affects your energy levels. So after planning and figuring how to attack the problem at hand, you accidently pull all the gel at once, instead of just the one color you wanted; so you have to try it again.

In reality, this game isn’t suited for PC, it is much more of a tablet or mobile game, as its neighbor “where’s my water;” and for  the same reasons. Where’s my water would not be an enjoyable game on PC, but on mobile devices it’s a different story; the same goes for Bloop. Bloop, brings about an interesting, and challenging puzzle game to experience, and while it is frustrating on PC it still brings home a 5 out of 10.

Author: Matt Adore





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