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Order - 1886, The (Trailer)
Little Bobby Paige Trailer for The Order - 1886.

Battlefield 4 (Music Video)
Payback Music Video for Battlefield 4.

Nintendo Direct 14-01-2015 (Event)
Full video from the January 2015 Nintendo Direct event.

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Call of Duty - Black Ops II - Apocalypse DLC video

The Apocalypse Map Pack DLC will arrive first on Xbox Live on August 27. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer, right here.

27 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
GOTY Edition announced for Halo 4

Microsoft has confirmed that Halo 4 will receive a Game of the Year Edition this October. For all the information about the content check the game file.

28 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Warface coming to Xbox 360

Crytek has announced that the Xbox 360 version of the free-to-play online FPS is slated for a 2014 spring release, and available for Gold users. Watch the first trailer.

29 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Deadfall Adventures Collector’s Edition revealed

Lost World-esque game, Deadfall Adventures, will be getting a Collector’s Edition when it comes out on November 15th for PC and Xbox 360...

30 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Free Fall DLC Bonus Map Preview for Call of Duty Ghosts

A new video just came up from Infinity Ward where Mark Rubin, Executive Producer, shares more details about the Free Fall DLC. Check it out right here.

31 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
New trailer for XCOM - Enemy Within

2K released today another trailer for the add-on XCOM - Enemy Within entitled War Machines. Watch the trailer here.

01 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Free Xbox 360 DLC for Omerta - City of Gangsters available

Kalypso just announced that the "Serious Business" DLC is now available for the Xbox 360 version of Omerta - City of Gangsters...

02 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Diablo III now available for PS3 and X360

Starting today Diablo III is now available at store shelves for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 across Europe, North America...

03 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
FoxEngine gives next-gen feel to PES 2014

The latest video for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 shows of the FoxEngine in action on current-gen platforms. Watch the 6 minute video here.

06 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Assassin’s Creed Liberation will have an HD version

Ubisoft confirmed the development of the HD version from the PS Vita title Assassin's Creed III - Liberation for PC, PS3 and X360. Watch the first trailer.

10 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Bound by Flame announced

Focus Interactive announced Bound by Flame, an action RPG scheduled for a 2013 release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Watch the trailer.

12 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
New DLC for Saints Row IV available today

The Wild West Pack DLC arrives today to Steam and US consoles, and will be released tomorrow on consoles in the rest of the world. Watch the trailer here.

17 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Grand Theft Auto V sales over $800 million in launch day

Take-Two announced that GTA V delivered the highest first day retail sales of any title in the history of the Company and the Grand Theft Auto series. 

19 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Full video coverage from Tokyo Game Show 2013

With the start of TGS 2013 today we bring you full video coverage about all the news at the event. You can watch all the event videos right here.

19 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
James Pond - Codename Robocod remake announced

UK publisher, System 3, announced the remake of James Pond: Codename Robocod for all major platforms in early 2014...

19 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)

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