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Battlefield 4 (Music Video)
Payback Music Video for Battlefield 4.

Nintendo Direct 14-01-2015 (Event)
Full video from the January 2015 Nintendo Direct event.

Order - 1886, The (Trailer)
Little Bobby Paige Trailer for The Order - 1886.

Latest News
Nintendo launches Holiday TV Commercial for 3DS

Nintendo released today a holiday TV commercial for Nintendo 3DS. Get ready for a 3D christmas with Nintendo and check out the new TV Spot.

18 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
SteamWorld Dig Interview

Brjann Sigurgeirsson talks about the development of SteamWorld Dig, including its retro influences and upcoming sequel. Watch the video.

12 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre Direct Presentation - 27-11-2013

After today's event, Nintendo released the complete video of the latest Nintendo Direct with a Louvre presentation. Watch the video here.

27 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Nintendo Direct 13-11-2013 Video now Available

Along with a new 3DS dedicated Nintendo Direct comes a series of new trailers. Take a look at what is coming to Nintendo's portable in these videos.

13 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Nintendo 2DS announced for October 12 release

Nintendo has announced today the 2DS. A 3DS version that only has 2D graphics, can play all 3DS games and over 2.000 games from the DS...

28 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
New Nintendo Direct for Tomorrow

Nintendo announced that it will host a new Nintendo Direct Event Tomorrow at 8am PT / 11 AM ET / 4pm GMT focused on the Nintendo 3DS.

12 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
3 TV Ads for Inazuma Eleven 3

The football title from Level 5 has just got 3 TV Ads for Inazuma Eleven 3 - Lightning Bold and Inazuma Eleven 3 - Bomb Blast. Check out the videos.

05 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth Announced for 3DS

Nintendo 3DS will be receiving new RPG in the Persona Universe with Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth. Go for the trailer.

24 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
New Trailer for Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth

Atlus shared today another trailer for the upcoming Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth, for Nintendo 3DS. The game is expected to be released on June 5 2014 in Japan. Watch the trailer.

27 Dezembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Behind the Scenes Look at the Bosses in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Take a tour behind the scenes of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate to find out more about the bosses in the game. Watch the video here.

21 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Intro available for Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 is slated to release on Nintendo 3DS exclusively on September 14th in Japan and today Capcom released the intro video. Watch it here.

27 Agosto 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
First trailer for Inazuma Eleven 3

With a release date of September 27th, Inazuma Eleven 3 - Bomb Blast and Inazuma Eleven 3 - Lightning Bolt have just received the first trailer. Watch it here.

07 Setembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Bravely Default gets a new Trailer and a Deluxe Edition

Know all about the upcoming 3DS game, Bravely Default, in this new video, and don't forget to check out the contents of the Deluxe Edition.

06 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Yoshi's Island Zone comes to Sonic - Lost World

Sega shared a trailer for the now available DLC content for Sonic - Lost World. The DLC adds the Yoshi's Island Zone to the game. Take a look at the trailer.

18 Dezembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)
Namco Bandai Released a new Trailer for One Piece: Romance Dawn

Nintendo 3DS received today the memories trailer from Namco Bandai for the One Piece: Romance Dawn. Watch the trailer here.

29 Novembro 2013 | Raiden | Comentários (0)

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